From the Sheeplog Experts...



TOPIC: "Uranium Worries"

Three things came up in my cow conscious-raising group this week:

  1. Cows in our pasture are yellowish-orange.
  2. Uranium, in oxide form, is a yellowish-orange powder used to color pottery.
  3. What if our pasture is sitting on a big uranium deposit?!

You can see why, after that meeting, none of us could sleep.

We realized that our pigmentation is a dead giveaway as to the presence of uranium oxide in our grass. So we are very, very worried that our field is going to be taken over by uranium mining interests determined to increase the world supply of orange Fiestaware.

The loss of grassland—both our food AND color source (the latter striking at the heart of our identity)—is one thing, but we truly regret the imbalance in Fiestaware colors, with orange and yellow predominating, that would be caused by new uranium production.

One of our cows did a little research and found out that Fiestaware has been trending up lately, and for some reason the orange place settings seem to be extremely popular among Iranians and Koreans.

Anyway, if mining comes to our pasture we’ll be seeing a lot of orange Fiestaware and you can’t expect consumers to regulate themselves! We can foresee a future in which dinner hosts displaying greens and blues are ostracized in their own homes.

Please help us raise awareness by insisting on balanced tableware colors. It may save our pasture.