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TOPIC: "Soup or Baseball?"

It’s nice to live in a wealthy country. Nobody has to go poor here.

But for some reason we have soup kitchens and food banks all over the place. Every town has them. Why do we need to have so many soup kitchens if we’re so rich? Nobody has to go poor, so why do they? Do we really like soup kitchens that much?

Apparently so. 14 per cent of OUR people live in poverty.

I’d really rather think of baseball this time of year, but all I can think of is if the whole country were divided up into baseball teams, including a manager, 2 coaches, a relief pitcher and a designated hitter (because we’d be in the American League), two people on every team would be in poverty.

Well, we can’t all be on baseball teams, especially in the American League, since we can’t have 2 poor people on our team. That’s because the minimum salary for a major league player is more than $400,000. Even if we were all in the minor leagues, there’s no poverty allowed.

So maybe we SHOULD put everybody on a baseball team!

If it’s the camaraderie we like about soup kitchens, we could get that with baseball teams, you know. But since that’s not a real possibility, while I’m enjoying thinking about baseball, I’m going to also try to figure out why 43.6 million people in our rich country live below the poverty line.

FYI, that’s about $18,300 for a family of 3 or $25,800 for a family of 5. Oh, and the rate is going up. Another thing to think about is that of the 43 million, well over a third of them live in “extreme poverty.” That’s just HALF of poverty level. Really, a family of 5 living on $1,100 a month? I hope nobody needs a rosin bag.

If we can’t all be professional baseball players, what are we going to do?

If you want to think about it, too, there’s some info at the website for Poverty USA.