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Chauncey ready to run


TOPIC: "Running of the Sheep"

The Boston Marathon was earlier this week. I admire those runners’ commitment and athleticism.

Sheep, however, aren’t made for a 26-plus mile run. We’re more likely to form a line and amble a short distance. It’s not for lack of stamina, mind you. It’s because of our attention span (if a nano second can be considered a span).

A sheep style of event would be more on the order of Spain’s Running of the Bulls.

If anybody is interested in signing up for a “Running of the Sheep” let me know. I think it’s got potential. It might be a little frustrating for non-sheep when we stop for things like a gnat, hammering sounds or if we forget we were going somewhere.

I haven’t started training yet, but it won’t take long and I’ve already got my running-of-the-sheep bandana and some very cool shoes. (See picture.)

I look pretty good. Was I going somewhere?