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Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Secret of Our Success"

We were hoping to write the biography of our musical career this year, like Steven Tyler of Arrowsmith. But we got stuck on the second page when neither of us could remember the secret of our success.

Then suddenly it was like a flash, man, and we both remembered at the same time: it wasn’t a secret! And guess what, dudes, it wasn’t a success, either. But the thing is, we remembered.

Yeah. We remembered we were like this close to being a success except for not having an audience. We know a lot of bands started off like us, playing for tips, but probably their mom didn’t always forget to bring her billfold.

Also, we should’ve picked a name that guaranteed success. Like that TV show, "Everybody Loves Raymond." For years, man, we watched it religiously just because we thought everybody loved it. See, if we’d named our band "They’re Saying They’re the Next Dylan" we would’ve packed the house…although Mom was quite a large woman and sort of packed the house all by herself. But no tips.

Maybe the story of packing the house with just mom would make a good biography. Too bad we just now wrote it in its entirety.

On the other hand, whoa: "They’re Playing to Packed Houses Made Up of Only their Mom!" could be the missing secret of our success.

Stay tuned.