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TOPIC: "Lemmings to the Rescue"

One thing I’ve learned over the last couple of months: The stock market has absolutely no regard for lemmings!

And here WE are the ones with the potential to rescue The Economy.

But, my gosh, one day the market plunges and we all jump off the cliff. The next day it shoots up again and we deploy our parachutes (we all have parachutes because we are, as a species, cliff-jump prone but that doesn’t make us kamikazes) and begin our climb back up the cliff!

We don’t even get to the top before the stocks drop steeply once more, and so do we. Lemmings—despite our potential saving qualities—are getting queasy with all the ups and downs.

If the market would settle down, lemmings could forage for food for awhile. All of us. With our herd mentality, wouldn’t that turn The Ecomomy around!

Imagine: Waves of lemmings flooding the grocery aisles, clamoring for more cashiers and baggers (jobs), then streaming out along the highways and byways, demanding new roads and bridges (more jobs) so we can get to where we’re going.

And of course we’d be going to America’s Apple stores because once we filled our bellies we’d realize we all need i-pads because they are the latest thing. Not one of us can afford it, but we’d be unfazed in our purchasing (still more jobs) because we are a mindless, thundering horde that would much rather fiddle with aps than go back to our precipice and gaze nervously into the abyss below.

We aren’t angry (the birds have an ap for that), but Wall Street, please! One more nudge could put us over the edge…again.