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Old Goat

Old Goat

TOPIC: "New Regionals for March Madness"

I’m doing my NCAA basketball tournament brackets. I love March Madness and this year’s brackets are indeed madness!

I’m finally used to the geographic incorrectness of the "Regionals." You know: UCLA playing in the East regional and Pittsburg in the Southwest. Yeah, it’s so more teams can be in it—I get it.

But it’s getting sillier. The first round of the West regional is being played in Tucson—makes sense—but also in Charlotte, Tulsa and Washington D.C. Aren’t those a little to the right of western? My gosh, Duke of North Carolina is likely to represent the "West" in the Final Four! People who eat pork barbeque can’t represent the West, I’m sorry.

Okay, call them Regionals, if you want, because they do represent regions—of the bracket sheet! How about if we just call them the "Upper Left," "Upper Right," "Lower Left" and "Lower Right" regions?

My picks have Duke winning the Lower Left region, with Kansas coming to the Final Four from the Upper Right, Wisconsin representing the Lower Right and Xavier sneaking in for the Upper Left.

And in Dixie we’ll say: Watch out—the Lower Right will rise again!