From the Sheeplog Experts...


Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Pod Cast"

We’ve been expecting our local paper to do a pod cast on us. Like maybe they’d heard of our work and would want to come find out what we are up to these days. But man, our i-pod hasn’t rung.

Our tech guy, Wanz, said they’d probably use the phone or come surprise us at the front door like Publishers Clearing House. We’ve been watching at the window. But no luck.

So we decided to call them and see what’s up. Wanz says, Dudes, no. Go to their front door like Publishers Clearing House! Great idea, right? So we rent a van—Publishers Clearing House always shows up with a van and a giant microphone—and grab a mic and Wanz starts video-ing the excitement on his phone.

Publishers Clearing House usually brings a huge check, so since we’re presenting them with a pod cast, we bring an enormous i-pod—which we made out of two old refrigerator doors duct taped together. Genius, man. It looks exactly like a 6-foot i-pod! Almost. The security guard at the paper? First thing he says is how many songs can you put in it? Also, he lets us right in because he knows this is going to be the biggest pod cast ever.

We run down the hall with Wanz video-ing away, and when we get to the newsroom we yell out that the paper won a pod cast with us. Stunned silence, man. It was awesome.

Only thing, we thought they’d suddenly break out into cheers, but they never did.

Finally, a reporter comes over and says we had to have a current project going for them to do a pod cast. We’re all like man, how could you not think making a gigando i-pod out of two refrigerator doors isn’t a project?

He says sorry dudes, it doesn’t really play songs and no earbuds. Right then we realized we used the wrong kind of refrigerators. A rush job isn’t always the best job, dudes.

We were pretty bummed that we paid $25 for the van and didn’t get a pod cast out of it. But we did make some fine public art! And art is really where it’s at, man. Ours in the front yard.