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TOPIC: "Civilized Discourse"

I’m ready to join the effort afoot that’s trying to civilize the discourse.

The president says it is time to soften the rhetoric, to approach each other with humility. But I suggest something more:

I propose that we approach each other with something I like to call hummus.

I know what you’re thinking: party dip, mashed garbanzo beans.

No, I’m talking about another kind of hummus: a hummus that is formed when humility meets animus. It’s like humility with spunk. Fiery humility. Humility that says our discourse is softer than yours! It could even say: Oh yeah? Spread some of this on YOUR pita!

Hey, that works. We could actually approach each other with comestible hummus!

That’s the great thing about living in the land of the free. When your opponent (no longer your enemy, remember) seems on the verge of hostility, you respond with hummus. And in hummus, you can face him or her with animated humility OR garbanzo beans.

It’s your choice.