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Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Give Peace a Chance"

It seems like there hasn’t been a good peace song in a long time, dudes.

We think it’s because peace isn’t too popular right now. We want to do something about that since
1) violence hurts people and 2) we need some new songs.

With the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks this week, we decided to write a new peace song. Peace and non-violence is the only good response to man’s inhumanity to man, man.

A peace pipe song seems kind of appropriate since the Indians probably smoked a peace pipe with the Dutch pilgrims when they sold them Manhattan.

It would be very cool if this song could be played on bagpipes. But, man, we don’t know how to play bagpipes! Sorry for the inconvenience, but we composed it on a longneck beer bottle. It sounded like a cruise liner, which could signify peace if there wasn't an outbreak of food poisoning onboard.

We hope people will be singing this song for a very long time like John Lennon’s "Imagine," or Cat Stevens’ "Peace Train." Too bad Cat didn’t think about the bottle, because that woulda been perfect for his train. Oh well, it already left the station, as they say.

The Pipe of Peace

Put some Peace in your pipe and smoke it, smoke it.
Make rings all around you
Rings of Peace—smoke it, smoke it,
Peace and love—stoke it, stoke it.
If there’s meanness choke it, choke it.
What if somebody took your pipe and broke it, broke it?
But you won’t fight ‘em
Because of all the peace in the air.
Rings of peace—smoke it, smoke it.
Peace and love—stoke it, stoke it…
Oh wait we forgot someone broke it
Please re-paaaaaaaairrrr
Please repair the pipe of peace
And put some more Peace