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Old Goat

Old Goat

TOPIC: "Fiber and You"

I want to talk about fiber. Dietary fiber. As a goat, I believe I have a great deal of experience in the matter.

The important thing is not to be taken in by the marketing. Fiber is big these days. I mean the trend; fiber itself comes in all different sizes. I’ve eaten fiber from as large as giant rope all the way down to fuzz. Dryer lint is one of my favorite meals, especially denim with a light cream sauce…sorry…I got off track.

Okay, don’t be fooled by the marketing.

Take, for instance, a box of granola bars. "High in Fiber," the label says. Yes, and there’s the photo of a luscious granola bar. Don’t be fooled! It’s not the granola bar. It’s the box! You want the best fiber? Eat the box.

Can of beans? Yes, beans offer a little fiber for your diet. But dump the beans and eat the can—a LOT of fiber. The only bad thing is that nowadays cans are aluminum instead of tin which often leads to a terrible social ill: aluminum breath.

But you can neutralize aluminum breath with parsley.