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Old Goat

TOPIC: "The Answers"

For those of you who’ve actually been waiting for my wise answers to some of life’s great mysteries:

What other unexpected items might I find in the refrigerator?

Car keys; phone—see comment below from Michele of Arizona; pet goldfish. Goldfish often are found in the fridge because some people believe that goldfish live longer and are less rambunctious if refrigerated. They also like to be near cottage cheese for some reason.

Where are the ancient pyramids of the goats?

stack of goatsCentral Texas, but they are really modern pyramids of ancient goats. The Goat Pyramid Training Center is located on the banks of the Guadalupe River. Particularly talented goats over the age of 20 are recruited to train there to form live goat pyramids to greet canoeists and kayakers passing on the river. The largest pyramid on record was 34 goats that stood for a full 17 seconds before collapsing when one of the goats on the bottom row was distracted by the whistles of a goat from the hang gliding class overhead. Since then, trainers have taught new techniques in concentration and the center has gone five months without a pyramid accident. (They don’t keep records for the hang gliding program.)

What do ruminants think about during digestion?

Omigosh, what do they NOT think about?! Digestion with multiple stomachs takes a long time. Ruminants think about their favorite colors, life and death, harnessing the tides, romance and what it might be like to be a penguin. But from my years of talking with digesting ruminants, I’d say the number one thing they think about is how to be able to eat everything in sight and still leave something to their grandchildren.