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TOPIC: "Out of the Zone"

I’ve been reading about NATO enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya to protect rebel forces from attacks by cruel dictator Muammar Gadhafi.

In the geopolitical world such a no-fly zone is appropriate and necessary to protect human life.

But in the fashion world a no-fly zone is neither appropriate nor necessary.

I was at a community social gathering recently and observed a young man fashionably attired in tight-fit, low-rise jeans. A slender guy, he wore them well and looked good. But I couldn’t help noticing his quite small-fly zone. It was, in fact, a teeny-tiny-fly zone.

Great styling and a fine trend, but I must warn that the movement to progressively smaller fly zones should stop here. I feel the warning is necessary as the low rise in jeans is about to reach the vanishing point and I’m afraid that if designers hear the term "no-fly zone" out of context they may believe it’s okay to have them on no-rise jeans.

So to both designers and Muammar I say: avoid the no-fly zone.