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TOPIC: "A Patriotic Day"

I spent the better part of Memorial Day chewing my cud.

I should have been at a cemetery honoring patriots who have given their lives in war, but most cemeteries have fences to keep cows out. Once several of us showed up at the cemetery gate and volunteered to plant little American flags all over the lawn.

The cemetery management responded with a dismissive no thanks. We demanded to know if they doubted our patriotism. Absolutely not, they stated, they just doubted that cows are anatomically suited to sticking miniature flags in the ground.

So last weekend I honored our national heroes like so many other Americans, by watching the Indy 500 on TV. I can see why it’s become a Memorial Day tradition: the race takes about five hours and it’s repetitive to say the least. So the viewer has plenty of time for patriotic thoughts.

Before I knew it, I was thinking how proud I was to be an American. Then when Dan Weldon crossed the finish line and downed the bottle of milk, I was even prouder to be a cow. I realized that as a cow—an actual producer of milk—I was a member of the class that provides the nectar of the winner’s circle. As Weldon chugged, I felt a connection, a visceral tug as I sensed myself being poured out as a libation for an American tradition.

Of course, I wasn’t really being poured out as a libation, but if anyone had asked at that moment I would’ve done it!

When I went back to chewing my cud I was satisfied in knowing I’d done my duty. But I couldn’t exactly figure out why.