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TOPIC: "Value of Rituals"

Pay heed to rituals. Rituals give expression to our deepest desires and values. To encourage everyone to consider ways to ritualize the important things in your life, I want to tell you about a weekly ritual I share with my closest friends.

We meet in the moonlight in a secret pasture. As we come together we begin our shared mantra, "Ooooom, ooooom" (which is mooooo spelled backwards). Then we process to a large tub filled with oranges, pears and grapes for what we call "the partaking of the Unwashed Fruit," an act I’ve mentioned before that precedes a semi-ecstatic state.

cow ritual

As we reach that state we turn to face the cow next to us and, in turning, our ooooom automatically becomes moooo (you can guess why).

Now we are truly getting in touch with our cow-ness. When anyone in the group is so moved, she or he begins levitation. Untrained observers might describe it as little jumps, but it’s levitation. Before you know it we are all levitating at slightly varying rates and soon find ourselves an undulating whole.

Once we reach this wholeness, one cow (so moved) makes a flying leap and jumps over the moon! This is the moment of actual ecstasy. Everyone follows until we all end up lying in an exhausted heap on the ground.

Then someone begins to moooo. As we all rise and turn our moooo becomes ooooom, and we process back to the tub of the Unwashed Fruit which we cover with a tarp to be used next time. (The older the Fruit, the faster we get to jumping over the moon.)

As one, we have shared the deepest desire of the cow: to jump over the moon. (Some cows think they just desire the Unwashed Fruit. But once they’ve experienced the jump, the light comes on.)

We leave the pasture refreshed and ready to face another day of chewing our cud.

Tell me about your rituals.