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TOPIC: "Hoosiers"

It’s quaint that people from Indiana call themselves "Hoosiers" and that nobody knows what the term means. But I don’t want to know what Hoosier means. I have another question for the people of Indiana:

Hoosier congressman??!

This blog is for you, Hoosiers.

Do Hoosiers live under a rock, because in case you haven’t noticed, there is a huge debate going on in Congress about the national budget, and disagreement between the political parties is threatening to cause a SHUTDOWN OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

But your Congress people don’t seem to be clued in.

They’re more worried that there could be a SHUTDOWN OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, because that would have a "devastating impact" on Indiana’s economy! As you know, the 2011 Superbowl is supposed to be played in Indianapolis and omigosh, omigosh, omigosh what if the megarich players and supermegarich owners can’t resolve their salary dispute?

No NFL for America. Consequently, no Superbowl—which is beyond belief.

So the Hoosier congressional delegation wrote a letter to the NFL commissioner and players union leader telling them to get their deal resolved.

I guess they figure if the government shuts down, there will be a Superbowl Game to take our minds off it.

That is if ticketholders don’t mind flying into Indianapolis without any air traffic controllers or going to the concession stands for hot dogs that couldn’t be FDA approved, and IF we haven’t, by next February, been invaded by ALIENS since our military protection would be out of commission.

I suspect that "Hoosiers" means "secret knowers" and that they secretly know their congressional delegation doesn’t give a flip about football. It really only cares that the Indiana economy not be devastated.

Then I bet they are going to secede!

That might be just the thing that saves the federal budget.