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TOPIC: "Love of the Game"

I could hardly believe my ears the other night when I heard a motivational speaker talking about love. He started with the teaser: A lot of people wonder why the term "love" is used to indicate a zero score in tennis.

I knew exactly what the origin was but had to wait through his entire speech to congratulate myself, because he really just wanted to discuss love. Then when he finally got around to it, he gave the wrong reason for "love" in tennis!

He said it’s because when someone has no points he is said to be playing simply for the love of the game. Oh-my-gosh! Who has a love of the game when they have zero points? Does this guy not know that loving the game is loving getting the points?

The truth is "love" in tennis comes from the French l’oeuf, meaning big fat goose egg! But when you have one in your win column you don’t love the game.

When your opponent has a sizeable score and you have goose egg points, what’s to love? If you have a lot of love, say you lose a match 6-love, 6-love, do you love it that much more? No, you don't love love. Love means the other guy's winning.

You certainly don’t love going for a beer afterward and having people slap you on the back saying, hey, what an ungodly love of the game you played for today.

Personally, I like tennis, but if that speaker was trying to motivate us to love, he scored an egg.