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TOPIC: "Sorry, I Forgot about the Lemming Thing"

Have you seen the gas prices this week? I quit driving.

I started walking everywhere. This would’ve been wonderful and altruistic except for the fact that I’m a lemming. When my colleagues saw my perambulation, they automatically assumed I was migrating. Their biological urges told them to follow me.

Gosh, what a nightmare. You’d have thought I’d posted on Facebook.

So while I was trying to save money and reduce air pollution, I inadvertently created a teeming mass of lemmings scurrying down a once-peaceful residential street, striking fear in the neighborhood! Worse, they were breathing out an enormous cloud of CO2.

I might as well have a badge on my forehead saying, "Hello, my name is Pilgrim. I’m increasing global warming at a frenetic pace."

My own biological urge told me to run the legions off a cliff into a fast-moving river. It was a good decision. Better for them to swim than crank up a lot of power boats, which they’d be doing if they hadn’t had the urge to migrate.

Eventually they’ll pour into the gulf and wash up on a beach. Thinking they’ve reached their migratory destination, hopefully, they’ll disperse and an environmental castastrophe will be averted.

Then some other lemming will come up with a bright idea…