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TOPIC: "Lemming News"

As a proud lemming, I’d like to tell Rupert Murdoch that he named his network the wrong animal!

Think about it. Murdoch’s Fox News network has become a huge media power and enormous financial success. Rupert has made boatloads of money and likes it. So what’s in a name? I’ll try to explain.

Here’s the Fox: Nobody can tell you how to spend your hard-earned money.

Here’s us: Yeah!

Here’s the Fox: Everybody needs to be able to keep as many guns and automatic weapons as they deem fit to protect themselves.

Here’s us: Yeah!…Why?

The Fox: Because freedom isn’t free!
Us: Can’t we pay for it with some of our hard-earned money?

The Fox: No! That would be taxes. You have to protect freedom with guns.
Us: Yeah!…freedom must be our money, right?

The Fox: Right. But mainly OUR money because we have the most!
Us: Yeah! We are just middle and working class but we listen to you because your voice is so enormously gigantic that we can’t hear anything else.

The Fox: We’re telling you follow us to freedom, freeDOM, FREEDOM!
Us: Yeah!…um, is this about survival of the fittest?

The Fox: Yes! Come with us—in fact, since we need to take special care of our precious gigantic voice, we’ll need to ride on your backs to freedom. You must carry us!
Us: Yeah! We will be the fittest. We will be survivors.

The Fox: No! You are taking us to freedom while headed to total ruin yourselves, because you really don’t have that much mon—er—freedom to hold the power.
Us: That’s okay. We apparently don’t care about our own interests, except the guns. Just keep yelling at us so we know where to go!

The Fox: Hold us aloft and head straight down to your certain doom.
Us: Yeah!

It definitely should be the Lemming News network.