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Jane Ann

Jane Ann

TOPIC: "Being A Leo"

As you know, I recently changed my birthday so I could be a Leo instead of a Sagittarius. I was just tired of being a Sagittarius.

Now I’m wondering who put that SAG in my Sagittarius, because no sooner was I out from under the sign, than the Sagittarius horoscope said "watch for visitors bearing gifts!"

The Leo horoscope said, "try something new." I already DID that—I turned myself into a Leo! Just when it was time for a Sagittarius to get gifts.

Yeah, I know I could change back, but what if I do and then no visitor brings me a gift?!

This is why it’s a bad idea to fool with the signs.

The zodiac says your life is determined by the alignment of the stars on the day you were born. Apparently, if you go and change something yourself, then you have to take responsibility for that AND everything that results from it—which is EVERYTHING from then on!

So the deal is, once you choose free will, you’re stuck with it.

Besides that, watch out for astrologers. If very many of us start tinkering with our own lives, they may be out of a job, which, if not in their horoscope, could throw them for a loop.

And if the astrologers can’t cope, what will that say about the future?