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Jane Ann

Jane Ann

TOPIC: "Fooling with the Stars"

I want to change my attitude, but my astrological sign won’t let me.

I’d be a better person if I were less judgmental. I want to change, but the star charts say it’s not a good time for a Leo to change attitudes. So I guess I better hold off.

I’ve heard that if you get out of line with the stars and try to go your own way, they might put a meteor shower on you.

Wait. I don’t need to change my attitude. I forgot: Leo’s aren’t judgmental. I guess I just thought I was. But I’m not, because I’m a Leo. That’s a huge relief.

Jane Ann with fish But there’s something I do want to change—my musical instrument. I suspect I "lost" my piccolo, because I suddenly got a desire to play the bass.

And for that, I obviously need to be a Pisces! (see the picture of me playing the bass?)

The zodiak is so stressful. I think I’m having a meteor shower!