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Jane Ann

Jane Ann

TOPIC: "Horoscope Flags"

Here’s my latest in a series of occasional horoscopes:

The stars are aligned as usual and the signs bode well for everyone on the zodiak!

The coming weeks are all about looking ahead. But watch your step. You can get so busy looking ahead that you step in a hole right here in the present. There are many other things you can step in. Some will ruin your shoes and if you are wearing sandals, omigosh, I’m talking red flags for your feet!

Actually wearing red flags on your feet would indicate your tendency to be a trendsetter and if that is the case, be sure you are a Virgo. If you aren’t a Virgo and feel the urge to trendset—in any way, not just wearing flags on your feet—do what I do: change your sign.

Just be forewarned if you change to Virgo: you could be ruled by mercury and that means a lot of thermometers in your future.

SUMMARY: Sandals not a good idea for today. Looking ahead—3 stars; stepping in something undesirable—1 star; purchasing a thermometer—1 star for each transaction.