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TOPIC: "Leakage Is A Private Matter"

Some things you just don’t say out loud.

And "WikiLeaks" is one of them.

It sounds like an embarrassing accident. But it’s all over the papers! And that sounds even more embarrassing. Imagine: "Madam, your WikiLeaks seem to be all over the papers."

It’s dominating the national conversation—the international conversation, in fact. But on second thought, maybe I should find out how "WikiLeaks" translates into other languages. Does anybody know? I’m thinking maybe it sounds less embarrassing in, say, German. "VakiLach," maybe?

Nevertheless, my friends and I have decided that if it MUST be talked about, we won’t say the actual word "WikiLeaks" in public. We’ll just say, "WL."

Being a privacy-conscious American, I have to admit to getting kind of flush-faced when folks talk indiscriminately about leaking. I know it’s a necessary evil sometimes, considering protection of individual rights and all. But don’t I have a right not to have to hear it when I’m in a public place minding my own business??!

Some people think adding the term Wiki to the front of it makes it okay. But I want to run screaming from the room. It puts me in mind of avoiding the cashier’s gaze when purchasing what my friends and I carefully refer to as "incontinent adult absorbency products" at the supermarket.

I better stop here. I think I’ve already said too much.