From the Sheeplog Experts...


Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "New in the Choir of Angels"

After reading Chauncey’s blog about cloud gazing we thought it would also be cool to lay back and listen to the music of the heavens. You know, choir of angels, heavenly chorus.

We got all settled on the roof, but nothing, man! Nothing but our own heavy breathing from climbing up and getting our boots caught in the gutter. Remember in The Night Before Christmas "there arose such a clatter?" That’s what it was like. Plus the breathing. Not harmonic.

We’re pretty sure the problem is too much junk in the air for the music of the heavenly host to filter through. We’re afraid there are like carbon emissions gagging the angels and toxins and metal particles collecting on their harps which are the angels’ guitars. You know what that means. The music of the heavens is turning to METAL!

Okay, man. So we clean it up or take what we get. No matter what, it’s still from heaven and that means awesomeness. But with rampant plutonium and acid rain and all that mercury that’s probably evaporating out of the tainted waterways, it looks like heavy metal for awhile.

Get on your roof and listen. Dudes, we think it’s gonna be the Halle-metallica-luia Chorus.