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Old Goat

TOPIC: "Free Wisdom"

Pop quiz: Where did I put my glasses?

  1. on top of my head
  2. in the refrigerator
  3. on the desk under the newspaper

Answer: b, of course!

This is called wisdom. Those in my age group, defined as “old,” will overwhelmingly pick the correct answer. Not only that, but their actual response will be “b, of course” because we all KNOW!

Furthermore, among respondents of my own age AND species, “c” will never be selected, because we always eat the newspaper as soon as we’ve finished reading it—see my recent blog on dietary fiber.

For everyone else, I just want to say: SEEK US OUT for the answers to life’s great mysteries of which “Where did I put my glasses?” is near the top of the list.

Here are a few such questions you probably have. I’ll reveal the answers in my next post. You’ll be glad you checked. Free wisdom.

  1. What other unexpected items might I find in the refrigerator?
  2. Why not leave a sign in the refrigerator saying, "Don’t leave your glasses in here"?
  3. Where are the ancient pyramids of the goats?
  4. At what age do you lose your fashion sense? Why can’t you keep up?!
  5. What do ruminants think about during digestion?