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TOPIC: "The Egg Dress"

You can have your Easter bonnets. For me, the great fashion celebration of Easter is the egg dress.

Made entirely of uncooked eggs, the egg dress is a challenge for both designer and wearer.

For the designer, it is kind of like designing chain mail armor although chains have proven an unwise choice for holding one’s eggs together. Modern egg dress designers prefer scotch tape.

The egg dress must be created quickly—sometime taped directly onto the model—worn only once and must not be refrigerated.

Which raises the obvious question: Why uncooked eggs?

Because it is an Easter dress. Easter is the celebration of new life, and boiling an egg puts a quick (7 minutes) end to such a possibility. Hence, only uncooked eggs.

Sure, it might be a waste of food. HOWEVER, the big deal about egg dresses is that the greatest triumph is achieved when an entire egg dress hatches! Yes! All that scotch tape? Worth it. The model not being able to sit down for the better part of a day? Totally worth it when the dress begins to crack and peep.

And that’s why the theme of this year’s Egg Dress Show is "Peep the Dress!"

If you are wondering why you’ve never seen an egg dress, you need to ask yourself, "Do I live in an equatorial region?" Egg dresses must be kept warm if they are going to hatch, so they are only made and worn in countries along the equator.

To designers at this year’s show, good luck! To models, don’t try playing chicken on the runway.