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cow guitar duo

Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Man of Her Dreams"

Hey, man. We just came up with some new lyrics for a song that might strike the heart of many a young woman searching for the man of her dreams. We want your feedback before we put it to music because we like to be efficient with our time.

Here it is:

Bob Left.
You mean he up and left?
No, that’s his name—
Bob Left.
So, who’s he to you?
I think he might be Mr. Right.
But how could Mr. Left be Mr. Right?
I said, How could Mr. Left be Mr. Right?
(repeat that like about three times, for emphasis, you know?)
…stop asking me a question that has no rational answer
But I still think he could be Mr. Right.
Maybe you just want him to BEEEEeeee Mr. Right.
Yeah, I do want him to be Mr. Right so bad.
…so bad…so bad
Could he be Mr. Right if he’s so bad?
Yeah, he could.
Probably not.
Yeah, he could.
Probably not.
Oh-oh-oh my gosh, stop your singing
Because Bob Left.
You mean because he’s Bob Left…
No, BEEEEE—ee-eee—cause
Bob, he left.

It’s the blues, man. Call and response blues with a cryin’ guitar. We can hear it in our head. Let us know what you think.

Peace out.