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Cow Tin Croze

Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Singing the Anthem"

Give Christina Aguilera a break, man!

Be honest: who HASN’T stumbled over the words to the national anthem once or twice in their life? And most people get to do it anonymously, like with a choir, or in a crowd where everybody’s singing together, and not a few of them forgetting—or not even knowing—the words.

(Like half the people singing the national anthem at all the little ballparks and stadiums around the country say, "o’er the land and o’er the free…" Really. We keep track.)

But Christina, she’s singing at the Superbowl. She’s out there, man, alone in front of millions. She’s not trying to remember the words. She’s thinking of how many syllables she can make out of “glare.” She’s hoping the mike works, that people like her hair and that Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz are paying attention to her.

It is very tough being a singer and a celebrity AND remembering the words to the national anthem all at the same time.

The important thing is that our flag was still there.

Peace out.