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Old Goat

Old Goat

TOPIC: "Avoid Crotchetism"

Sigh. What a rueful day it was when I caught myself being crotchety. Frankly, I thought I could stay forever above it.

I believe crotchetism is the emotional equivalent of brittle bones. Sure enough, on the very day I turned crotchety I broke my toe during a pedicure! Yes, goats have pedicures for our eight toes. In fact, I thought by having a pedicure I’d avoid brittle bones. But no.

When my toe broke, I just went off on the hapless pedicurist about the outrageous cost of having your toes done especially when the chairs get smaller every year, these newfangled tools are unrecognizable, everybody’s treated like a number anymore and you can’t get personal service like you used to.

That poor child. I felt so bad about my behavior that I wrote her a note the next day saying I was sorry and ashamed, would she please forgive me for being so crochety. Yes, I wrote "crochety" and that’s what she thought I meant. She replied that she loved crochet and since I was feeling crochet-y would I please crochet her a sun bonnet?

Too embarrassed to admit my misspelling—due to my not wearing my glasses, which I later found right where I’d left them, in the cheese keeper, of course—I crocheted her a sun bonnet.

But as I crocheted I became calmer. Guess what I discovered:

Crocheting is a cure for crotchetiness.

So whenever I feel myself starting to get crotchety, I crochet, and so far I’ve only had to add on one room to hold all my handiwork. But this modern drywall is so flimsy!

Oops. Booties, anyone?