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cows with guitar

The Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Getting Lyrical"

We want to do a little retro lyrical examination this week. Yeah, we know you're sayin' man, what's the point in looking back? What's ahead is where it's at. Well, we're sayin' man, sometimes you've gotta pay attention to where you've been to go where you're going. You know?

Like you can be going, but you might not be going well. If you're going to go where you're going well, then you've gotta take a serious look at where you've been--especially if it didn't go well then. See what we mean?

So let's consider a lyric from back in the day that needs to be revisited. We're talking about a line from Mr. Sir Elton John: "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"... Man! If you are a cow, granted, sorry is a hard word. Cows tend to sing better on words that start with M or H or L and end in a string of Os. Just something to know. But the hardest ? No, dude. Try hierarchical or psittacine. Or phlegm.

Yeah. So, songwriters, here's the new lyric for you: "Statistics seems to be the hardest word"... Peace out.