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TOPIC: "Lesson in Leadership"

My cow friends got so sucked in to the recent debate over the nation’s debt limit that they decided they wanted to do something more than chew their cuds.

One thing became crystal clear as they watched members of Congress, the Senate and House leadership, a few average citizens and the president:

Leadership is posturing.

Inspired by the actions of the leaders of our great country, they realized that when faced with a difficult decision one must take courage, gather all possible strength of will, and confidently posture.

I’m so proud that our cows seem to have learned the skill of posturing quite well. I’ll show you with this fun quiz. Below is a list of the postures they picked up from watching our country’s top decision makers. Match the description to the correct posture modeled by the cows in the picture. I’m sure you’ll be as gratified as I am.

  • Responsible __
  • Determined __
  • Irresponsible __
  • Clueless __
  • Kiss up __
  • Presidential __
  • Cover your tail __
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