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TOPIC: "St. Patty's for Cows"

You’re probably planning a St. Patrick’s Day party for tomorrow. Irish or not, everybody seems to join in the St. Patty’s fun of eating cabbage, drinking beer and wearin’O the green.

We cows have a similar thing of our own tomorrow, too. We call it Cow Patties Day. We, too, eat cabbage, drink beer and participate in what we call "wearin' down the green" usually on a local golf course.

Our favorite—and biggest—tradition is searching for shamrock-shaped cow patties. They bring good luck. Obviously!

No one has yet figured out what to do with such a find, however. I’ve heard of some cows framing their shamrock-shaped cow patties and hanging them in the den. My friend Edna found out the hard way that pressing them between the pages of a dictionary is less than satisfactory. However, she said, it does give the shamrock-shaped patty a "certain definition." That Edna is such a wag.

Last year, I found a cow patty-shaped shamrock, but was disappointed to see it merited only tepid appreciation among my peers.

It also brought only tepid luck.