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TOPIC: "Cloud Watching"

I’ve always loved cloud watching in springtime. It’s a great way to relax and let the glory of creation just wash over me.

So yesterday, I was lying in the cool green grass, gazing up as the fluffy cumulus shapes wafted high above. Suddenly, I saw in the clouds a curling, churlish lip and a wisp of moustache. It was the unmistakable visage of my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Lambaste!

This is the trouble with being a sheep and gazing at the clouds—they all look like someone in your family! Or, as in this case, scary sheep of our past come to haunt us in the firmament.

So there was Mrs. Lambaste floating on air—not her style as I remember. The floating made her seem slightly kinder, but with Mrs. Lambaste slightly kinder hardly means kind. Seeing her image transported me back in time. I could hear her chiding me for being late to school, her lip fuzz trembling as she lectured me. I remember stifling an urge to reach out and touch it.

Yesterday as I gazed at Mrs.-Lambaste-the-cloud, a little puff emanated from the upper lip of her gaping mouth (I swear!) and rather than the glory of creation it was that thin, bobbing moustache that washed over me.

Now I’m worried about sheep heaven: What if you go walking on the clouds and they turn out to be your old teacher? Also, can you not take your moustache with you?