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TOPIC: "Registration"

I’m putting all my friends on notice.

I’m registering.

At Home Furnishings, Harry’s Hardware, Bed and Bath and Caribbean Resorts. No, I’m not getting married, but I figure why wait? I’m sure that when my birthday comes around, or Valentines Day, or summer solstice, everyone will want to give me what I really want. So I’m registering as a service to others.

As my requests are fulfilled, I can open new registries.

If my friends are lucky, by the time I do get married I’ll have already been to Cancun and have a fully outfitted home and beach house. So all they’ll have to provide will be my Miata and a shower curtain for me and my bride (since shower curtains should be a joint decision between husband and wife).

To my friends: feel free to post my registry to your Facebook page as I’m sure all your friends want to know all about me and the stuff I want.