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TOPIC: "Gridlock"

Ugh, I’ve just emerged from that bane of communal existence known as gridlock.

You probably think gridlock brings out the worst in people. Road rage and all that.

But as bad as traffic tie-ups might seem, you haven’t seen nothin’ until you've experienced sheep gridlock. Omigosh, side to side, tail to tail, head to head, nose to nose, nose to tail!! Legs entangled. At least people in cars have some idea where they’re going. But sheep?! Nope. We’re clueless. Every sheep is following another sheep, who IS … clueless!

We’re stuck, we’re hot—all wearing wool no matter what season—we’re directionless. There’s no cop, no tow truck, no off-ramp. Then some guy behind you bleats! Yeah, right, like THAT’S GONNA HELP!

So how do we get out of our gridlock, you wonder? It’s the miracle of sheep.

Predictably, some poor sheep will fall down. Being a natural-born follower, the sheep behind him will do the same, then the one after him and the next and the next until there’s a long line of fallen sheep. Then it only takes one sheep who is not paying attention (not hard to find) to CLUELESSLY walk over the fallen sheep to freedom. The others follow and gridlock is over!

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, think about that. It’ll give you something to do.