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TOPIC: "Spend for Those Who Can't"

Whenever ANYBODY gets a tax break, I celebrate.

I’m against taxes in any form. See, I believe that if we had no taxes people would donate more. Your next-door-neighbor might donate a highway (including a rest area). The local chocolatier would contribute an army. Others would donate education, national security, law enforcement, jails, consumer protection, a legal system, water treatment, medical research and much, much more. I’m talking a cornucopia of donations!

When I found out that Congress extended rich people’s tax cuts I simply wanted to give thanks. It's a donation tsunami waiting to happen!

The extended cuts say to me that the recession is over and, although I’m not one of them, I owe a debt of gratitude to the wealthy because their altruistic charitable endowments will begin any day now.

You know it's coming by the way they maintained their coffers and lifestyle while the rest of us bumbled along, scrimping, leaving off a few meals and giving up occasional teeth to save on dental bills (yet the dentist bravely kept up his country club membership and continued to have his dog groomed weekly).

For my part, with the recession over, I went out and bought an SUV. Yes, I purchased a huge new car to say to the world that I’m ready for a hefty additional monthly payment while also being willing to provide more than my share of gasoline consumption.

It says that even though my tax break is only a miniscule fraction of the break for the wealthy, I want to pour it all back into the economy because they can’t—they don’t have anything left to buy.

We share a common purpose, the rich and I. We’re two sides of the same coin: I give and they take. But the converse also is true: They take and I give.