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Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Charity at Home"

Man, when we saw what Kid Rock did, making that charitable donation to his hometown, we were inspired. We want to do the same thing.

Mr. Rock is from right outside Detroit, and we all know the motor city got hit hard when the economy tanked. But he took note! Last week he gave $50,000 to five non-profits in Detroit. We mean, like that’s the equivalent of two new cars or even half a little house!

We’re not from a big city like Detroit, so our money can go a longer way in our small hometown. On the other hand, we’re sorry to say, we don’t exactly rake in the kind of scratch the Kid does.

But we are in awe, man, of what he did and so we want to contribute to our town as much as he did—like percentage-wise. So if he’s worth the $37 million our research says he is (and if it’s on the internet you know it’s true, Dudes), well, you do the math…PLEASE…

Okay, we’ll do the math because we know our net worth, including the ’85 Honda Civic—which really bumps it up. That means if we give the same percentage of our net worth, it comes to $42.63.

So, to our two local non-profits we say get ready, it’s coming your way! Yeah, man, that’ll be $21.31 for Miss Trudy’s Food and Clothes Closet and $21.32 for the Teen Center Music Lab which so far has an amp and a nice stack of acoustic wall tiles. And you know, Dudes, if you pool your resources it’ll do a lot more good.

And speaking of doing good, it really makes us feel good about ourselves to give so generously. Now we get why Kid Rock wears a hat. When you do something big like that to help others, you really want to celebrate yourself!

We think we can get some cool hats for about $30.

‘Hope this inspires you to ride the do-good wave with Kid Rock and us.

Peace out.