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reindeer in tweed cap

Arctic Blitzen

TOPIC: "Fall Fashion"

It’s time to talk about tweeds:

What is it about the word “tweeds” you don’t understand?

Fear the tweeds!

Your tweeds speak volumes.

I’ll address these fashion issues individually and with great affection for our ovine friends since I am blogging on a website dedicated to sheep. Tweed is a woolen, woven fabric. No animals are harmed in the manufacture of tweeds. In fact, sheep look forward to shearing time because they love to share what they’ve produced through absolutely no effort.

Wake up, eat, grow wool, pass it on. That’s the life of the sheep.

See, tweeds are part of the circle of life. We can participate by wearing tweeds. Tweeds never go out of style because of the circle thing.

Living near the equator or Louisiana? No sheep—no tweeds...

...No problem! There is a vegetarian tweed.

Cotton tweed. Yes, some people (statistics show three) believe cotton is a vegetable (although two-thirds report they would never, ever eat cotton). Cotton tweed follows the same circle of life except that the plants do die after harvest. There is little suffering, however, as very few plants think or have emotions. Be assured that cotton farmers are finely attuned to this condition and will not harvest any plants that show evidence of doing mathematical calculations or are openly fretting about the fact that nobody likes them. The bad news there is that such varieties proliferate and are crowding out pickable cotton.

Nevertheless, it’s a loose weave. Better for warm climes, and hopefully new kinds of vegetable tweeds will come on the market. Spaghetti squash tweed is one to watch.

So as far as “fear the tweeds” goes, you only need to fear those made from thinking vegetable matter that has become angry. Obviously.

Finally, all of us in fashion know that the most important thing is what your attire “says” to others. Tweed says: no animals harmed; I believe in the circle of life; and I think I’ll go freakin’ insane wearing the same thing over and over if spring doesn’t get here soon!