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Arctic Blitzen

TOPIC: "Purple Snowshoes Wow the Fashionistas"

Which shoes?

This is probably THE most-asked question in the Western world (and the most-never-asked in the non-Western world).

I think I've found the answer:

Purple, inflatable snowshoes. If you don't believe me just try a pair and listen to the ooohs and aahhhs. I guarantee no one will simply walk past without comment.

This revolutionary footwear is comfortable (if you get the kind with elastic straps), bright and gently squeaks with every step. Heads definitely will turn when you enter a room in your purple, inflatable snowshoes.

These shoes take the worry out of flooding and the melting polar ice cap (I'm wearing a polar ice cap in my picture, by the way)? Purple inflatable snowshoes float, of course, so you can walk on water or even ski in them if you have the need for speed--and a boat. They're a bit slower on snow, but I've gotta tell you, when I wore mine at an upscale ski resort the lift lines just parted for me. I'm pretty sure all the fashionistas were in awe.

I hardly need to address color as it is common knowlege purple goes with everything in every season. Plus, it says "royalty."

Where to buy? Ummm, probably check online. Avoid brands that don't offer an air pump.

Which reminds me: the only downside is the potential for blowouts.