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TOPIC: "The Power Hat"

I’ve been watching the revolution in Egypt the last few weeks and all I could think of was this would never have happened with Cleopatra. Do I know about the politics of revolution, you ask? Not really. Nor do I know much about Egyptian history.

But I do know about hats, and if Hosni Mubarak had worn one of those big Cleopatra bird hats nobody would have wanted him to leave office.

I suspect the giant bird hat was Cleopatra’s secret source of power. That and the asps she used for earrings.

Unfortunately, bird hats seem to have given way to weaker hats with ornamental feathers. Often the styles have been exotic and beautiful, but ornamental. They look interesting. But in terms of sheer power, they’ve never had the effect of wearing an entire bird on one’s head.

I can’t explain why. I think it’s something of a looming presence. The only thing that’s ever come remotely close is probably the Wisconsin cheesehead. It’s given Wisconsonians an air of authority they’d never before dreamed of.

Anyway, too bad for Hosni that he didn’t get better advice – or a cheesehead – from his subordinates. But that’s how history is made.

Still, the untapped power of the bird hat remains, and I’m telling you, if the man or woman ever comes along who is willing to wear an emu on their head, look out.