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TOPIC: "Fashion Diplomacy"

As a notable fashion maven, I’m often asked how to convey to a friend that he/she has committed a mistake in clothing.

The answer is that DIPLOMACY is everything in communicating fashion sense.

If you are a true friend, you will recognize the long-term benefits of saying just the right thing—and in the most thoughtful way. There’s no margin for error. Given even the slightest opening, your disfashionate loved one, left unenlightened, will embarrass herself more than once. You must be responsible.

So, for those of you who have a fabulous sense of style, color and trendiness but who may not yet have the vocabulary to match, here are a few key—and very diplomatic— phrases:

"That looks hideous!"

"You and your mom are the same size?"

"Matching shoes would be better—especially if they matched each other."

"See? Now that's unfortunate-looking."

"I know you think you can pull that off and I really wish you would."


Reminds me of something a friend of mine said: A southern woman can say anything about anybody so long as she starts with "Bless her/his heart..."
—Paul P, Fort Worth TX