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Jane Ann

Jane Ann

TOPIC: "Astrologer Audition"

I’m auditioning to become the sheepdotcom astrologer. To help me prepare, I got together a group of my friends to get their ideas on the stars and cosmic signs. I tried to find a lot of diverse opinions, and some are REALLY diverse.

Like Harry's. I asked him what his astrological sign was, and he said The Big Dipper.

It’s not on the zodiac. But Harry says you know, our life takes some dips. And if our life isn’t dipping, a lot of times we go do the dipping ourselves into some involvement or adventure. Makes sense.

I decided to take a gaze at The Big Dipper and see if it would give me any clue as to why maybe it should be an actual astrological sign. It has seven stars—seven is a lucky number. One of the seven stars points to the North Star which is like a universal symbol of the Guiding Light. So we’ve got a lucky number and a guiding light. Who wouldn’t want to be a Big Dipper?!

Now we just need to find a place for it on the calendar. In the meantime as part of my audition, here’s a trial horoscope for any of you who think you are a Big Dipper:

Oh-my-gosh this is your lucky day! Dip into the first adventure that presents itself. Don’t be afraid, because someone is going to come along who turns out to be your guiding light. Avoid using too much salt.