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Cow Tin Croze

TOPIC: "Ants, Birds and Inspiration"

We’ve just experienced an awesome creative moment!

For months, we’ve been having inspiration issues, you know? Like we had NO inspiration whatsoever. We tried watching ants because we heard that can be very inspirational. But when we were just about to write an ant song we realized Dave Matthews had already summed it all up in “Ants Marching” (not to mention cornering the market on the only good ant song title).

We decided to try to write a song according to where the birds were perched on power lines like on the PBS ad. But even though we’ve had little formal training in music, we could see that totally eliminates the possibility of middle C.

On the other hand, you don’t need middle C in every song, man! Now we were thinking outside the box. We’re thinking birds on a wire AND no middle C.

Turns out we were way outside the box because all the power lines in our neighborhood are underground. So we are standing at the window watching birds fly by and they’re not perching. All we could do was try to memorize their relative positions.

Dude, it was too much for our minds. So we go in the garage to get our guitars.

Suddenly we think, hey, man, birds on strings! We laid our guitars out on the roof and sprinkled them with granola. Sure enough the birds came and pecked on the strings. We turned up the amp and started recording.

That first amped-up peck scared the stuff out of all the birds and they totally bailed. But we think we reached new heights in minimalism.

Also, we are pretty sure we got our inspiration from the garage, because we’d left the turpentine open. We’re artists, though, and we know you have to take your inspiration wherever you can get it. And we don’t have any illusions we’re the first to get it from turpentine…we seriously doubt Picasso or Pollock got inspiration from the ant thing.

Our new album, consisting entirely of the above recording, is titled, "The Peck." If you like minimal, you’ll like The Peck. Also, it doesn’t take up much space on your ipod.