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Sheepish Thoughts—The Complete List:

  • When it’s sunny outside, I feel sunny inside…and vice versa.
  • I usually draw on my experience but I like to keep an eraser handy.
  • I’m trying to develop my power of concentration so I can focus on whatever.
  • I gained 10 pounds through aromatherapy. I think it was the meatloaf candle.
  • Einstein said doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity
    …to which his parrot took great offence.
  • If life seems like a run-on sentence, add some punctuation.
  • As you move forward… so does your horizon.
  • I strive for all things in moderation—and a lot of it!
  • Social health tip:
    An open heart improves circulation.
  • Resolved for 2015: Be more transparent.
    Omigosh! I’m clearly good at this.
  • Recyclers want to know: ‘Where you bin?’
  • The vine grower never complains unless he’s got a raisin.
  • Don’t let plenty become too much.
  • You know your clothes are too tight if your elastic starts smoking.
  • Decide to be just, but don’t decide just to be.

Okay, it's not the complete list.
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Here's a sheepish thought:

two thinking