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"Les Misérables IS the Message"

We just watched “Les Misérable” the movie and, dudes, our consciousness was totally raised!

We mean serious transformation. Like Jean Valjean’s life was totally torn apart because of stealing a loaf of bread. As we watched his slide into darkness and constant fear of being caught by Russell Crowe, our minds kept going back to the crucial image:

It was the very first scene of the movie. First, the black screen. Then, the stark white words: "Piracy is not a victimless crime."


It all came clear, man. Even though he wrote his book 150 years ago, Victor Hugo knew what a huge problem movie piracy was going to be as soon as films became available on DVD. We think he was like a prophet.

When we saw Jean Valjean’s life spiral into one stressful situation after another we got the message: Stealing bread…piracy—same thing! And who are we? OH-OUR-GOSH, we are Jean Valjean. It’s in the song, dudes! It completely changed our minds about showing the movie to friends and asking a small fee for popcorn. We only wanted to defray our costs for a new amp.

But we looked at each other and said in unison, "Man, we could end up in the sewer!" True, there would be some really good music in the background, but we decided it wasn’t worth it. Almost, but no, because one of the main victims of crime is your soul.

Victor Hugo did promise redemption, that was for sure. But like you have to go through stuff like oppression, deception, tears, revolution and heroism to finally find love and meaning. All with awesome lyrics, but still. And do NOT try to pass them along with any thought of remuneration, okay? That’s piracy.

And, dudes! Never dismiss the FBI warning. Have you seen the size of Victor Hugo’s book?! How much stronger could he make the point that even the police themselves could be the victims of chasing down piracy than when Russell Crowe plunged into the abyss? We were really ashamed we hadn’t thought the popcorn thing through.

We hope you will be as inspired by Mr. Hugo’s message as we were: Even for the small price of popcorn, if you steal movies, you will be Misérables.

PS—Victor Hugo was from France. So if you ever wondered why the FBI warning is always repeated in French, there’s your answer.



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